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Once Upon a Time, in Brooklyn…

A small but bustling health and fitness hub thrived. We built our foundation on helping our members optimize their wellbeing — in a way that made them actually want to continue. Are you imagining it? We hope so, because it was absolutely a vibe. Yoga, exercise, and a “sky’s the limit” mentality on just how deeply we could serve our community… Then the pandemic hit and everything changed…

And not just in a “gluten-free sourdough starter kit” kinda way. 

COVID-19 not only revealed the nation’s underlying health crisis but also put the spotlight on the extreme health disparities in the United States. This is when we realized that we needed to tackle the problem on a much larger scale by expanding our expertise to reach diverse communities far and wide. 

What seemed like crisis was actually an opportunity to rewrite the health narrative for so many who had been underserved. 

Adopting a functional wellness approach to create a science-based, optimal health program, we’ve now made it our goal to add 1 million healthy years to American lives while working to close the racial health gap along the way. Want to join us?

Our mission

There’s a hard truth we need to swallow: This country has been sick long before Miss Rona made her way on the scene. Did you know that only 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy? This means that the rest of the population is susceptible to poor immunity, chronic disease, and eventually, a reduced lifespan. 

And for those who manage to make it through without facing chronic illness, it’s not exactly what we would call a “thriving” experience. 

A sedentary lifestyle is the norm, with the average American spending 10 hours each day sitting down (despite it being dubbed as the new smoking). Stress and insufficient sleep are a by-product of modern society, putting lives at risk for the sake of productivity. This is the new normal, and the long-term effects? Chronic illness and early death.

From heavily focusing on drugs and disease to overlooking key aspects of wellbeing and discriminating against minority communities, the healthcare system is dramatically flawed. Simple yet impactful lifestyle changes, science-backed wellness education, and equal rights to good health are the main requirements for all Americans to live long and healthy lives. This is the driving force behind Align/WELL.

What we believe about well-being

Now, let’s step beyond the scary part, shall we? 

It’s not that prevention isn’t important, it’s that wellbeing and survival are not the same thing. 

Wellbeing is about having the mental, physical, and emotional energy to live out your highest purpose… 

It’s about handing down bold and limitless health to the next generation…

It’s about feeling a true and constant connection to your body…

Drawing on the principles of functional wellness, we’re passionate about providing expert, science-backed guidance and education to debunk false information and generalizations about health. 

We’re not here to make you look like an instagram model, we’re here to help you tap into the most vivacious and radiant version of yourself (which in our opinion, is a whole lot better). 

We are firm advocates of equal health opportunities for all — that means centering fellow Black people and people of color, who face far more obstacles on their journey to optimal health. We are 100% committed to cultivating relationships of solidarity and providing a space where everyone can thrive — regardless of race, age, or economic status. 

Who we are...

Wellness Warriors & Partners in Crime

Dr. Brown has been a doctor of chiropractic, chiropractic sports physician, clinical nutritionist, yoga instructor, and personal trainer for over 30 years. Drawing on all of these areas of expertise, he takes an integrative approach to wellness to help his patients boost their vitality and extend their life expectancy. Learn more.

A passionate wellness enthusiast and strong advocate for racial justice, some of Pam’s achievements range from serving as CEO at one of the most highly regarded wellness studios in Brooklyn to working with African American Women United for Peace and Justice, to highlighting the stories of underserved communities as Co-Host and Producer of the WBAI Morning Show Tuesday Edition to launching the 1TDay campaign that changed the trajectory of student debt forgiveness. Learn more.